Kathy Carllile

Kathy Carllile (daughter of the late Thumbs Carllile) and her band could be a surprise to those who have not seen her. She has performed in countless events in her career including the Blues portion of the prestigious Monterey Jazz Festival. Once a California resident she now resides in Atlanta and had the opportunity to open for "THE BAND" at the ROXY. Kathy continues to play various venues including Atlanta television, the (Now in the Music Hall of Fame) Atlanta Blues Day Festival, and recently the Atlanta Dogwood Festival. On Stage, singing "Funkier Than a Mosquita's Tweeter." Kathy Carllile looks like a shred of cloth caught up in a stiff breeze. When the melody swoops, it takes her with it, snapping the diminutive singer like a pennant. Kathy has her brand of Blues which in part can be described as a Mussel Shoals type of Blues and Funk featuring her throaty vocals and one of a kind stage presence that will take hold of you, draw you in, and keep you coming back for more. Her Band is a combination of the best musicians in the local Atlanta area. Continuously evolving, the nucleus of her band consists of Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Drums; sometimes including Keyboards, Horns, and Percussion. As often as you see the show, this dynamic ensemble always presents a fresh new approach to the music that is pleasing to the ears and leave you feeling good in the heart.

Details: http://www.myspace.com/kathycarllile

I'm Going Down Slow

Kathy Carllile accompanied by Thumbs Carlille, 1987