Long John Hunter

Long John Hunter seemingly came out of nowhere in 1996 with his Alligator Records debut, Border Town Legend (AL 4839). With the smoking follow-up, Swinging From The Rafters (AL 4853) in 1997, Hunter had gone from the Lone Star state's best-kept secret to the international blues world's most wanted list. His made-for-dancing Texas shuffles, fueled by searing single-note solos and melodic, drawling vocals have made Long John Hunter a favorite at clubs, concert stages and festivals all around the world. The Los Angeles Times called him "one of the blues' best kept secrets...a top notch singer, guitarist and unbridled wildman performer. Hunter is a raw, feral talent bursting with energy."

Details: http://www.alligator.com/index.cfm?section=artists&artistid=32

Irene and Woke up this Mornin'

Springin' the Blues Festival, Jacksonville, Fla.