Ron Artis Family Band

Ron Artis is a world class artist who is always coming up with a new way to artistically express himself. Painter,Author,Composer, Teacher,Preacher, Husband and Father. Ron's life is full and rich with artistic concepts that he shares with the world. Murals aboard Billion Dollar Submarines and Ships for the U.S. Navy, Portraits for the Rich and Famous, Composing Music with Michael Jackson and other top recording artist, Music Director and Composer for HBO and Films, Ron Artis Studio Gallery of Beverly Hills and now Ron Artis of Hawaii.


Don't Misunderstand The Blues

Ron Artis And Family playing Some Low Down Blues with Ron Artis II on Vocals & Guitar - Ron Artis Sr. Harmonica, Piano & Keyboards - Victor on Bass - Stevon Artis on Drums - Thunderstorm Artis on Percussions.

Gut Bucket Texas Blues

Ron Artis (B3 Hammond, Vocals, Harmonica), Ron Artis II (Guitar, Vocals), Victor Artis (Bass), Stevon Artis (Drums), Thunderstorm Artis (Percussions).


Ron Artis II - Guitar, Vocals; Victor Artis - Bass, Vocals; Stevon Artis - Drums, Vocals; PraiseJesus Artis - Hammond B3, Keyboards, Vocals; Thunderstorm Artis - Harmonica, Percussions, Vocals.