Steve Strongman

Steve Strongman is a Canadian blues guitarist, singer and songwriter originally from Kitchener, Ontario. He has released two full length blues albums, Honey and Blues in Colour.


A short, short miniskirt

Legendary guitarist Bobby Parker, lion of the blues at age 73, brings up local cats Steve Strongman (guitar and vocals) and Leo Valvassori (bass) to keep the energy rolling at The Hive, Sunday August 8, 2010 following the Kitchener Blues Festival. Dancing Queen Pamela Tena aptly accents this song's homage to "a short, short miniskirt."

Parker's band members are:, Andrew Padula -- Bass Guitar, Dion Clay - Drums, Dane Paul Russell - Harmonica, Stephen Charles Cecil - Keyboards, Ken Francis Wenzel - Sax.

How Blue can you Get

Live at "La Chapelle", Quebec City 11/27/2009