Debbie Austin

Debbie Austin, 50, died on May 13, 2002 of a heart attack. A native of Cleveland, Ohio she began singing at age four. At age thirteen, her first recording was ""I Believe"" with the United Voices of Faith of Cleveland, Ohio. For eight years, she toured with and recorded with Evangelist Shirley Caesar and the Caesar Singers of Durham, North Carolina. She then joined the late Rev. James Cleveland and Cleveland singers of Los Angeles, California. In 1980, Debbie formed gospel group ""UNITY"", recording their first album ""For The Prize"" on the Savoy Label. In 1983, the group recorded their second album ""Never Defeated"" produced by Reverend Cleveland. Being active in the theatre since the early eighties, Her acting credits are: § Gospel musical 'P.O.P' (Power of Prayer) § January 1991, Broadway Gospel Musical, called ""Lord I'm Coming Home"", performing with the company over the past ten years. § In 1996, a premiere performance of a gospel musical ""Is There a Man in the House"" § Recently performed at the Whiting Theatre in Flint, Michigan, the Broadway Production written to raise A.I.D.S awareness ""I'll Meet You Somewhere over the Rainbow"" § She had been an active member of the Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA) for over 30 years.




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