Sha Na Na

Mit ihrem Auftritt danach wurde Sha Na Na einer breiten Öffentlichkeit bekannt. Die Band begann, sich in der US-amerikanischen Rock-’n’-Roll-Landschaft zu etablieren. Sha-Na-Na waren die einzigen Interpreten des Woodstock-Festivals ohne Plattenvertrag; sie spielten ca. 40 Minuten lang für 300 Dollar.

At The Hop

Teen Angel

Short clip of very rare, never-been-seen footage from the original 1970 Oscar-winning documentary "Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music" (Ultimate Collection Edition).

Sha Na Na's set at Woodstock

This is very rare footage of SHA NA NA's set at Woodstock. They went on early Monday morning, just before Jimi Hendrix who closed the show! How cool was it for SHA NA NA to know they were next to last thanks to Jimi! Who loved SHA NA NA after seeing them a few times in N.Y.! This rare footage is raw, it still has the "TIME CODE" on the bottom of the screen! 1-WIPE OUT 2-TEEN ANGEL 3-BOOK OF LOVE 4-DUKE OF EARL.