Canned Heat - Boogie With Canned Heat

Boogie with Canned Heat is a 1968 album by Canned Heat. Unlike their debut, it features mostly original material. It included the top 10 hit "On the Road Again," one of their best known songs. "Amphetamine Annie," a warning about the dangers of amphetamine abuse, also received considerable airplay. "Fried Hockey Boogie" was the first example of one of Canned Heat's boogies, or loose jams. When released on CD in 2005, six tracks originally released on singles were included as bonus tracks.

Bob Hite – vocals, Alan Wilson – Slide Guitar, vocals, Harmonica, Henry Vestine– Lead guitar, Larry Taylor – Electric Bass, Fito de la Parra – drums. Additional Personnel: Dr. John Creaux - Horn Arrangements, Piano.

01 - Evil Woman

(Larry Weiss)

02 - My Crime

(Canned Heat)

03 - On the Road Again

(Floyd Jones, Alan Wilson)

04 - World In A Jug

(Canned Heat)

05 - Turpentine Moan

(Canned Heat)

06 - Whisky Headed Woman

(Bob Hite)

07 - Amphetamine Annie

(Canned Heat)

08 - An Owl Song


09 - Marie Laveau

(Henry Vestine)

10 - Fried Hockey Boogie

(Larry Taylor)