Burning Spear - Living Dub Volume 1

Like many records from the first murky decade of reggae's mature period, this one has a complicated history. It is the dubwise companion to Burning Spear's classic album of 1978, Social Living. However, Social Living was also released under the title Marcus Children. Living Dub, Vol. 1, which consisted of dub mixes by Sylvan Morris, was originally released as a vinyl record shortly after the album on which it is based, but the CD reissue released under that title in 1993 actually consists of a completely different set of dub mixes by Barry O'Hare; the original mixes were released on CD ten years later, on the revived Burning Spear label, as Original Living Dub, Vol. 1. Confused yet? You're in good company, and if you're a real dub addict, you'll hedge your bets by getting your hands on both versions.

Details: http://www.allmusic.com/album/living-dub-vol-1-r170182/review

1. Children of Today

2. Present

3. Associate

4. Jah Boto

5. In Those Days

6. Run Come Dub

7 Help Us

8. Musiya

9. All Over

10. Hill Street Dub