Barrelhouse & Altai Hangai

Hard Time Killing Floor

Unique in many ways! Mongol Atai-Hangai singers are very special according world standards. Being one of Mongolia's most exciting musical groups, they are wellknown around the world because of the fascinating sound of "throatsinging". Throatsinging seems to be a speciality at the Mongol Academy of Music which learns a technique of using your voice in a very non-traditional way.
While their basis is traditional Mongolian music, Altai-Hangai has cooperated with jazz musicians, symphonic orchestras, dancers and actors at numerous venues in Germany, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, and Norway.
Back in 1998 one of the members of best Dutch Bluesband Barrelhouse coincidentely caught their attention during a stay in Amsterdam. They decided to perform together and luckely for us on YouTube it was recorded for "Twee Meter Sessies", a Dutch television program.
'Hard Time Killing Floor', composed by Skip James, shows that the Mongol Altai Hangai goes very well together with tradition western blues.
The cooperation with Barrelhouse is unique in many ways. Barrelhouse, with leadsinger Tineke Schoemaker, still performs this song on liveshows. I think it's thrilling to discover how they've managed to give this song an identity according their own standards. Indeed, unique in many ways! I think it's praiseworthy the way they succeed to bring two worlds together.