Burka Band

„Burka Blue” entstand während eines Music-Workshops im Oktober 2002 in der staatlichen Musikschule „Institut of learning Music“ in Kabul (Afghanistan). Veranstaltet wurde er zusammen mit dem afghanischen Kultusministerium. Details siehe: http://www.atatak.com/assets/s2dmain.html?http://www.atatak.com/tontraeger/burkaband/burkablue.html

Burka Blue

the burka band taken from german television with german subtitles

No Burka!

Nargiz started the Burka Band when she met a German music producer in Kabul in late 2002. The producer was teaching Afghans to play modern music, and Nargiz learned to play the drums. One day she wondered why all the burkas in Kabul were blue, and together with two friends she wrote the song "Burka Blue" which is about burkas and the way you feel when you wear them. The song was recorded in Kabul with help from the German producers. The band would rehearse behind locked doors, so nobody would find out that the women were playing music. The burka also helped hide who the bandmembers really were.