Roy Eldridge

Roy David Eldridge (January 30, 1911 – February 26, 1989), nicknamed "Little Jazz" was an American jazz trumpet player. His sophisticated use of harmony, including the use of tritone substitutions, his virtuosic solos and his strong influence on Dizzy Gillespie mark him as one of the most exciting musicians of the swing era and a precursor of bebop.


Une Petite Laitue

(originally from 1951 album Vogue LD 507 - here from 1998 BMG cd - B0000089WK)

composed by Roy Eldridge.
Roy Eldridge - Trumpet, Vocals, Claude Bolling - Piano, Raymond Fol - Piano, Don Byas - Sax (Tenor), Albert Ferreri - Sax (Tenor), William Boucaya - Sax (Baritone), Benny Vasseur - Trombone, Robert Barnet - Drums, Armand Molinetti - Drums, Barney Spieler - Bass, Guy Defatto - Bass.

Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You

Dale's Wail

Laughin' To Keep From Cryin'

Lester Young, Roy Eldridge & H Romping, 1958.