Portishead Live at Roseland NYC 1997

Roseland NYC Live is a live album by Portishead with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, mixed with (future Coldplay and Kasabian producer) Rik Simpson. It was released in 1998 by Go! Discs/London. A PAL format VHS video was released the same year, with a DVD version following four years later.

Details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roseland_NYC_Live

1. Humming

2. Cowboys

3. All mine

4. Half Day Closing

5. Over

6. Only You

7. Seven Months

8. Numb

9. Undenied

10. Mysterons

11. Sour times

12. Elysium

13. Glory Box

14. Roads

15. Strangers

16. Western Eyes

Habe das Video "Live at Roseland NYC 1997- Western Eyes" leider nicht gefunden!

Als Ersatz "Western Eyes" frvom Album ''Portishead''