Bill Clinton

William Jefferson „Bill“ Clinton (* 19. August 1946 in Hope, Arkansas als William Jefferson Blythe III.) ist ein US-amerikanischer Politiker der Demokratischen Partei und war von 1993 bis 2001 der 42. Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten. Details siehe:

plays the blues

The occasion was the 40th anniversary of the Newport Jazz Festival, held in a tent on the lawn of the White House. A host of jazz legends played, and at the conclusion Clinton called them all up on stage for a bow. He said a little speech, thanks for coming and goodnight, and then... almost as soon as he finished talking, people in the audience started yelling for him to play. And then the musicians all started asking him to play. He said no at first... but they eventually convinced him.

Giant Steps

President Bill Clinton plays Giant Steps by John Coltrane

Bill Clinton Saxophone 1992