Harleighblu, her real name, started singing at the age of Five, and has been brought up on a musical diet of Rare Grooves, Soul, Reggae and R’n’B. This combination played a big part in the way she uses her voice with its, God given, mature sound delivering a soulful Jazzy flavour. Harleighblu states: “My mother loves Rare Grooves, Soul and Reggae and listen's them all the time; I guess it just became a part of me; I had an ear for music almost before I could walk.”

Details: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Harleighblu/33556884768

Yesterday & In Love With Love

Harleighblu in acoustic session on The Beat at the BBC. As heard on Saturday 27th November 2010 on BBC Radio Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and Lincolnshire. Sound: Dean Jackson. Visuals: Juls Chambon.

night comes down

I Shot the Sheriff

British 18 year old Harleighblu's live rendition of the legendary Bob Marleys 'I shot the sheriff' ...