Jimmy Witherspoon

Jimmy Witherspoon (* 8. August 1923 in Gurdon, Arkansas; † 18. September 1997 in Los Angeles, Kalifornien), eigentlich James Witherspoon, von seinen Fans einfach Spoon genannt, war ein US-amerikanischer Blues- und Jazz-Sänger. Im Laufe seiner Karriere soll er an über 200 Alben beteiligt gewesen sein. Zu seinen Hits gehören Blues Around the Clock, Some of My Best Friends are the Blues und Blue Spoon.

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Ain't Nobody's Business

Jimmy Witherspoon sings Bessie Smith.

Jimmy Witherspoon with Buck Clayton's band.


Goin Down Slow + Blues

UK TV concert

Nobody Wants You

Jimmy Witherspoon + Don Weller

UK TV slot

CC Rider

Spoon in one of his last concerts before his death, at the festival Lent in Maribor Slovenia. John Lee Sanders, Piano, Frank Folgmann, Guitar, Brian Abrahams, drums, Michael Riley, Trumpet. Ugo Deldirani, Hammond Organ.

Baby, Baby, Baby

It's a Low-down Dirty Shame

Frankly Jazz was a half-hour television program produced in the early 1960s. Each program featured one or more prominent West Coast Jazz performer of the day. Hosted by Frank Evans, a leading jazz disk jockey of the day.

When I Been Drinkin'

Album - Evenin' Blues (1963)

Good Rockin' Tonight